General Hintlist about Final Fantasy: the 4 Heroes of Light(spoilerfree)

Hi my dear friends, it´s me again,I moved this old hintlist on my own blog now, so that I won&... weiterlesen
14.7.11 19:57


FF:4Heroes of Light Seamstress Crown, getting it the easy way.

Hi there,I´m still playing FF:The 4 Heroes of Light, trying to get the most of this awesome g... weiterlesen
14.7.11 20:53

FF:4Heroes of Light Most useful Crowns ranking

yup, it´s that DS RPG maniac again. I´m nearly done with my first run and noticed, that... weiterlesen
14.7.11 21:07

FF: 4 Heroes of Light -The Hidden Cave

I know, I know...I keep finding out stuff that can be missed during the storyline of the game, beca... weiterlesen
14.7.11 21:13

Review: FF:4 Heroes of Light

Titel: Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light System: Nintendo DS Genre: Turn-based RPG Releasedates: ... weiterlesen
14.7.11 21:21

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