General Hintlist about Final Fantasy: the 4 Heroes of Light(spoilerfree)

Hi my dear friends, it´s me again,

I moved this old hintlist on my own blog now, so that I won´t loose my hard work again.

Now, that I am close to beating this game I decided to make a general hint list for
everyone who want´s to play this game:

01. Each town in the game has 8 hidden treasures, look out for them!

02. Don´t waste your hard earned Battle Points on strange stuff on the Wireless shops,
until you have reached Liberte Port( 2500 BP for the Music Score, which unlocks
the first hidden crown in the game) and Urbeth(get 4 Gem Collectors there, for some later
battles. Each of them costs 4000 BP.).

03. There is an easter egg in Liberte. To see it, change into the Freelancer class and let
the mosters outside of the town kill you during the night. Back in town, you meet diffrent
people then usual...it´s the developers team!

04. Buy ALL items at least 4 times from each shop(except the Wireless shop), before doing
a boss battle, at some points of the game the shops sell diffrent things and you won´t get another chance to buy these items.

05. Talk to ALL animals in the game, because there is something hidden for talking to all of the animals, turning into one with the help of the Transform Staff! You can miss Rekoteh´s cat, talk to her before you go to beat the Ice Dragon! (Don´t know if the save point guys foxes count to this too...)

06. Trouble with the math minigame in Invidia? Use this LINK.

07. If you need money early on the game, you can start farming Mythril, by stealing it from Mythitoises at night, starting from the point where you leave from Liberte to reach Urbeth. Simply move around in the woods below the Urbeth entrance of the Hunting Caves. Mythril sells for nifty 1000 Gil! The only item around this area that sells for more Gil, is the rare drop from the Hellhound called Lone Wolf, which sells for 2000 Gil. Get four of these for your collection and try to sell the others, if you get more than you need.

08. Noticed the locked doors? You´ll get the keys for those later on the game, so don´t worry too much about these in the beginning.

09. Try to bring some Mythril for a certain scene in Invidia, and give it to the weapon shopkeeper. You´ll gain the missable Mythril Hammer!

10. The Ice Dragon(Stream Cape) Boss in Invidia, Rolan(Lightbringer) in Spelvia, Mammon(Claustrum) and Satan(Darkbringer) all have rare steals(added them in the brackets), try to get 4 of these by equipping the 4 mentioned Gem Collectors, turn 1 of your charas into a Bandit(best on level 3, with "Pillage" equipped as and ability) and turn the other 3 into Merchants(at least Level 1, for their "Keeper" ability). Try gathering Diamonds and Amethysts to 99 in your storage, for having it easier to upgrade classes, wepons and epsecially the armor later on the game. If you let those enemies kill you, while stealing stuff and spamming Keeper or Finder...you´ll keep everything you stole and the Gem Collectors make sure that you won´t loose a single gem and can still beat those Bosses again! Awesome...isn´t it?

11. Physical attacks always it the left side of the field, magic hits always to the right one. Healing spells always it the WEAKEST member of your party.

12. There is a shop in Urbeth, that can upgrade your weapons...,wait with doing this until later in the game, because you´ll need all gems for your crowns.

13. Win the "Shopkeeper for a Day" minigame in Urbeth by earning  at least 20.000 gil(I have a good descripion on how to win this easily and early in my previous blog entry!).

14. Make sure not to level up above 50 before a place called "Star Chamber", because the enemies there get stronger, having higher stats too, as you level up.

15. Another achievement is around to find for gathering
9,999,999 gil on hand.

16. Try to strengthen any armor shield or weapon to 99.

17. Try to open 100% of treasures (do the items hidden in towns count for this?).

18. You have beaten the Endboss? Great...there is much bonus content and the final hidden crowns after the End Boss. Clearing all of the bonus dungeons is unlocking something, too.

Hope this helps a bit for the beginners among you guys. Have fun. This will be updated, if I find some more things that I´ve missed on my first run of this splendid game!

Hints update:

19. Try to get the money for Mythril thing from hint 07 BEFORE heading off to Spelvia(if you climb the Sky Tower with Yunita in solo run and go past the point with the rainbow boots, you´ve messed this up and will have it more difficult later on)...after it the enemies have grown far too strong, you´ll hit Level 50 with your characters waaay to soon!

20. There are some items which aren´t dropped any longer (and DON´T appear in shops either) by the diffrent enemys after your first visit in Spelvia, one example is the Wind Dagger, which is a rare drop from the cuddly Rattatox in Arbor. Make sure you try to get a set of 4 of these rare monster drops before leaving an area, too, because in the beginning of the game you can´t backtrack that far!

21. By all means: SAVE UP MOST GEMS you get, or you´ll be in trouble later...DON´T sell or use them, especially the rare ones like Diamond and Amethyst!

22. Crowns don´t get diffrent stats by upgrading them with gems, the Levels just unlock new abilities!

Hints update 2:

23. If you steal items from enemies, they have a common item slot and a rare items slot. But you can steal only ONE of them. That´s why you should save before stealing from certain bosses(using a certain mentioned tactic).

24. There is a big diffrence about a drop and a steal item. They´re clearly seperated within the game, so watch out for items that can only be obtained as a rare drop like for example: Wind Dagger(rare drop from Rattatox) or Great Tree Sword(rare drop from Fungus). The first boss enemy you encouter within the game which has a rare steal item, is Ice Dragon(Steam Cape). His rare item cannot be bought or obtained otherwise, except for the single one in a treasure chest early in the game. So if you want for capes, you need to steal at least 3 of them from the Ice Dragon. The only faq on gamefaqs.com just puts all items that can be dropped or stolen in the same category, so don´t mix this up...

25. There is two treasure chest that can be missed. They are only accessible in the "Dark World". If you go east from the "west ice cave" there is a hidden cave in the mountains. This cave contains two treasure chest and the walkthrough on gamefaqs.com never goes there. Want a map? Just look at my later blogentires about the "hidden cave".

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