FF:4Heroes of Light Seamstress Crown, getting it the easy way.

Hi there,

I´m still playing FF:The 4 Heroes of Light, trying to get the most of this awesome game. My current goal was the Seamstress Crown, which I left back in Urbeth on my first visit. The Seamstress crown is considered the best class for Yunita, as far as I´ve heard.

All four Heroes equipped with the Seamtress Crown


They look so cute in this one...well...at least the girls do. I admit, that the boys look weird in it ^^°°

Well, so why did I do such a foolish thing like hunting Mythritoises on the way from Urbeth to Invidia with Jusqua ALONE? I used Jusqua as thief at that time, so I was able to steal Mythril from the Mythritoises. Get on the boat and stay outside on the icy fields before the eastern way of the Ice caverns. Those turtle-alike thingys only appear between afternoon and in the night. Walk around until you bump into them and rob them blind. If your 15 slots are full, of course head back to Urbeth to store the Mythril and go back there, keep stealing again. Do so until you got 55 lumps of Mythril.

Now it´s getting interesting: Sell 50 of them, because each lump is worth awesome 1000 GIL! After you´ve sold the 50 lumps of Mythril, you wait for the night to come, waiting for the Magic Shop in Urbeth to open. Buy 10 Firaga or Waterga Tomes, both serve the same purpose. We´re now heading for the minigame in Thauzands shop. Just talk to the guy at the right side of the shopkeeper.

SAVE before attempting to sell EACH single tome you´ve bought before. The shop minigame sometimes won´t end the way you want. Your goal is reaching 20.000 Gil with your sales...this finally unlocks the desired crown. I placed the 3 x 5000 price on the first three Tomes(they were all Firaga ones), then giving the next ones 3 x 1000 and sold the last 4 for 500 gil. But I realized, that sometimes books are on "2 for one" slots...you won t reach the goal then, that´s why you should save before trying, until it finally works, like it did for me.

Here is a useful vid that shows the shops base mechanics: CLICK.

Full time exposure for this:

Around 4 1/2 hours, gathering Mythril + Shopkeeper for a day minigame. Did all of it while watching tv. See? Not actually hard work at all ^^


With my way of doing it, you´ll still have lots of money afterwards, even if taking a loss by selling the Tomes for less money! By the way, by keeping 5 lumps of Mythril, you can get the Mythril Hammer at Invidia and if you missed those, the Rainbow Boots (for Yunitas quest in the sky tower), too. What do you guys think of it? Please write me a comment, if you have found a better way or didn´t knew this was so easy to achieve^^

My next goal will be the math minigame in Invidia, for getting the Beast Master Crown, goodbe until I find the next great way to make this game easier...wish me good luck on that one, since math isn´t my cup of tea...*hugs everyone*

Rekoteh: "Awww...common Jusqua, hasn´t AshuraG done well about this little help here?"

Jusqua: "Shaddap´...it was ME who did all the work in the end! No reason to praise HER."


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