FF:4Heroes of Light Most useful Crowns ranking

yup, it´s that DS RPG maniac again. I´m nearly done with my first run and noticed, that I´ve done MANY stupid mistakes: like leaving behind some rare steals or not robbing bosses blind enough. I hope my hints from my previous blog entry help you a little. This time I´ll try to save you guys from the worst stupidy in the game: DON´T TRY TO COMPLETE ALL CROWNS RIGHT AFTER GETTING THEM!

You´ll end up gemless sooner then you think and this might turn into real torulbe later in the game, so make sure early, which classes you should consider using. I know, 99 gems seems much at the beginning, but there are 28 crowns that can be leveled up 3 times for 4 characters, which soon turns into something crazy(just do some math with the numbers I gave you and you´ll understand).

By the way, those abilities I´ll list up here need to be equipped on the Ability menu, otherwise you won´t be able to use these, even if you unlocked them! For example White and Black Mages will still need additorial books in their inventory, but those need to be equipped as "Ability" too.

Another info: I listed the crowns as they appear in the game and tell you, if there is something special about them in my short comment.

01. Early game crowns (always depending on the situation, of course):



This one was like "Boo, another weak cowardish crown" at first...but by now has turned into one of my favorite crowns by now. Only in THIS crown you´ll be able to run from enemies, that probably are a little too much for you in the early...and again in the later game.Very useful, while adventuring through dungeons!


Level 0: Runaway( 1 AP) - You flee from battle, but it can fail.***
Level 1: Escape(2 AP) - Escape is guaranteed!****
Level 2: Recovery(3 AP) - A Regen-Effect that heal´s some HP for each round of the battle.***
Level 3: Friend in Need(4 AP) - Calls the Fox from the Savepoint dude, which attacks in your place.*


White Mage:***

Each of your character should be a White Mage at some parts of the game, because all White Magic spells cost one less to cast in battle or even outside of the battles. No party of at least two characters is really complete without a White Mage as a main healer, but note that the low HP and phys. attack can turn into a serious problem, if the "partner" is weak on HP or attack, too.


Level 0: Healthgiver (1 AP) - The effect of healing spells now hits the whole party!****
Level 1: Lifegiver(2 AP) - The next spell will be more powerful, other effect same as Healthgiver.***
Level 2: Hide(2 AP) - Foes won´t attack you for a short timespan.**
Level 3: Miracle (5 AP) - Give your allies a big HP boost and cure all their ailments.****



Black Mage:**

Compared to the White Mage, you should proably turn only one character into a Black Mage, in my case it was Jusqua. For Black Mages it´s the same thing about the reduced AP use. A Blackmage can be very useful as main magic attacker, as soon as he has learned the "Mirror" ability, to throw back the magic damage back at the enemy, but it´s the same problem with this crown like with the White Mage: low HP and phys. attack!


Level 0: Magic Mojo(1 AP) - Damage for the next spell goes up.
Level 1: Spell Focus(2 AP) - Improved version of Magic Mojo, does more damage, too.
Level 2: Mirror(3 AP) - Deflects spells back at enemy.
Level 3: Magic Might(4 AP) - Mighty attack, hits all enemies on the field.



The musicians Crown is the first hidden crown of the game, you´ll find it, by buying the Music Score(2500 BP, the only Battle Points I´ve spend, aside from those for the Gem Collectors) from the Wireless Shop in Liberte Port. Even without big upgrades, this crown starts off as very useful. The musician is a buff spellcaster most of the time and goes along well with a Black Mage or White Mage, if you want a secondary healer. Secondary healer? Yes, he is! And the HP a slightly better then those of the White Mage, even if the attack is just as low as for both mage crowns. As bonus, the stats go up even more, if you use a bard together with the musician on the later game. Don´t try using the spellbooks made for the White and Black Mage, the result will be horrible.


Level 0: Serenade(2 AP) - Regen-Effect on the whole party for 3 turns.****
Level 1: Nocturne(2 AP) - Partys attack goes up for three turns.***
Level 2: March(3 AP) - Partys movement goes up for 3 turns.**
Level 3: Oratorio (?) - Grant your party Regen. Boost attack, magic attack, and speed for five turns.****



This is my absolute favorite crown so far! With a Bandit in your party, all good items of the enemy will soon become yours! This is the crown of the perfectionists among us gamers, who want each item at least 4 times each for everyone. He needs a while to learn an ability that guarants a successful robbery and he still might get killed, but if a Bandit has a Gem Collector equipped, this shouldn´t be too difficult. He is the thief of this game, even if he cannot pick locks(compared to FF III DS). But he sure has some oomph behind his physical attacks and acceptable HP. Each of my characters has been a long-term-bandit, not without a reason. I would have given this crown 5 starts, if I hadn´t restriced myself to only 4 stars possible before! The sooner you upgrade this crown with each character, the better for your wallet. Only one in each party with at least 4 heads is enough. The bandit goes along well with all other classes, but especially with the Merchants(use 1 Bandit and 3 Merchants, all equipped with Gem Collectors from Urbeth, to steal as much rare items and gems from bosses as you want, by allowing the boss o kill you, You won´t loose anything, due to the 4 equipped Gem Collectors, so you can repeat this over and over, until you have all rare steals and gems you want). Oh, and the bandit sucks at casting spells, because he has to pay the full AP costs, if equipping them.


Level 0: Steal(1 AP) - Try to steal one item from a foe.****
Level 1: Plunder(2 AP) - Try to steal items from ALL foes.***
Level 2: Deadly Blow(3 AP) - May cause sudded death to one foe.*
Level 3: Pillage(4 AP) - Steal an item from a foe - guaranteed!****



This crown marks, that you hae reached 1/3 of the game, even if most enmies are a piece of cake around this time. You really shlould take this crown at least to level 1 with the thee characters, which unlocks the ability "Keeper", this one is especially useful, if used in boss battles, to gather rare gems. Just follow the descripiton I put into the bandits comment, in brackets. He may not look like it, but can have an insanely high physical attack power, if a certain ability is unlocked. You should really go for this in the middle game phase, because it will make some boss battles really easy. I killed Rolan with one hit, using the "Money talks"(that´s why you better earn as much money as possible with hunting after the Mythritoises and selling the stolen Mytril before going to Spelvia!) ability, that´s why this one is my second favorite crown overall. The merchants HP are even better then the bandits. I can just note as downside that the Merchant sucks at casting spells, because he has to pay the full price, same as the bandit.


Level 0: Finder(1 AP) - Find a gem during battle.***
Level 1: Keeper(2 AP) - Find gem more effectively in battle, than with "Finder".****
Level 2: Ransom(3 AP) - You can pay ransom instead of taking damage.**
Level 3: Money Talks(4 AP) - Inflict damage in proportion to the amount of money you own.****

02. Mid-game crowns (always depending on the situation, of course):

Yo, I´m back to complete this part of my "useful crown guide".You may notice, that there is less crowns on the middle part. Yes, that´s correct. Most crowns are there for fun and the mere reason to give you more options to build your ideal party. I found most crowns in this part not useful enough, but it might not be the same for you. As you might have guess right: I´m the "Better save, than sorry"- type of a gamer, who drags along many healers and doesn´t rely on brute force alone. Just send me a note, if I´ve missed a good crown combo in this part, since I´m just another human after all.


This crown makes you characters look quite funny, but I would have been totally screwed without this crown later on. So what does the elementalist do for you? He is another stat booster, similar to the musician or bard. But the elementalist the more advanced stat booster, compared to them. He can even guard your party from strong elemental damage, which rapidly rasing after this point in the game you obtain this crown. Sucks at spellcasting aside from the regular cure tome, same as some other classes mentioned here. Physical attack is low and the HP are merely so-so at best. But you´ll love him, for being able to strike back with an attack, which contains many elements, to damage complicated/very strong bosses. To the middle of the game, close to the Spelvia, you should have at least one of them on level 2(on my save it´s Aire), maxing that one out after farming diamonds from Rolan. The special is, that elemental damage is reduced by half, if it hits your elementalist, with a good armor, it can even become ZERO(you just need to pick up a certain armor, which is mentioned by one of the two pigs in Guera, after the world as fallen into darkness).


Level 0: Augment(1 AP) - Enhance the effects of allies' elemental attacks. Lasts four turns.***
Level 1: Amplify(2 AP) - Greatly enhances the effects of allies' elemental attacks. Lasts four turns.**
Level 2: Mysterio(3 AP) - Enhance your party's resistance to elemental attacks.****
Level 3: Elemental(4 AP) - Unleash a storm of elemental attacks against the foe.****



Yes, this is the fighter crown. Yunita looks really cute in this crown, maybe that´s why I turned her into a fighter pretty early. But the obvious point in choosing a fighter is his outstanding physical attack strenght, it will be your physical main attacker for quite a while. His HP and the other stats are pretty high, too. My reason to stick with this crown was the "Chakra" ability, which doubles the HP of the fighter for one battle! Of course, you´ll need a healer, who restores your empty HP points, after the HP went up, during the battle. It doesn´t matter, if it is a White Mage or Musician at all. But imagine how long it takes a boss to kill a character with now over 500 HP, if you used Chakra on your very first turn! Of course, he sucks horribly at spellcasting, too. One good advice: Don´t equip ANY weapons, when using this crown, the bare-handed attacks are much more powerful(except for the case a weapons attack stat is higher then the fighters strenght) and are extremely useful on enemies who resist most elements(one good example is Belphegor, a boss in the last third of the game). So make sure you have at least one, better have two of these prepared up to level 2 until that point of the game, better a bit earlier, when the bosses seem to get harder).


Level 0: Combat(1 AP) - Increase the odds of landing a critical hit. Lasts four turns.*
Level 1: Jugular(2 AP) - Strike a foe with a critical hit.****
Level 2: Chakra(3 AP) - Double your own HP for the duration of the battle.****
Level 3: Frenzy-fu(4 AP) - Deal combo damage to an enemy. Ends with a fire punch. Heavy damage.***



If a bare-handed fighter doesn´t look good enough for you or you grew tired of the random attacks of your party members, then the hero is your answer as other option for a physical main attacker choice. If this crown has reached the max level, you will finally be able to command your other party members into using an all-out-attack against one target. A nice bonus is, that a hero gets psyched up more often, making other party members join team attacks. Again, sucks in casting magic. The special thing about this crown is, that it was the last useful one of the mid-game crowns. After Spelvia, all monsters have changed their names and evolved into stronger versions of their older forms. So make sure you have either a fighter or a hero(probably best on level 3) prepared, before you leave the floating city in the sky.


Level 0: Reckless(2 AP) - Increases attack damage at the cost of defense.*
Level 1: Bladeblitz(2 AP) - Damage all foes.****
Level 2: Wrath(3 AP) - Deal massive damage to a single target.****
Level 3: Finale(4 AP) - Command all party unit to attack one target and deal massive damage to one enemy by the hero.****


03. End game crowns(always depending on the situation, of course):


(To be continued soon!)


Legend for my colours and star use:

cyan      = strong suit
dark red
= weakness
Green    = Healing Ability
Orange  = Boost/Buff Ability
       = Physical Ability
     = Attack Magic
Purple   = Changes the reach of spells/attacks

*           = Not very useful, don´t waste your time with this.
**          = So-so. At times it´s useful, but has downside trend.
***         = Very good, often used.
****        = You cannot beat the game without this ability/crown!


I hope my blog helped you again, my friends. Come back for my next ones(or another update on this one), too, even if you didn´t respond directly and were just a "silent reader".

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