FF: 4 Heroes of Light -The Hidden Cave

I know, I know...I keep finding out stuff that can be missed during the storyline of the game, because this is my third blog entry with faq or guide character.

This time, I discovered a hidden cave, in which two treasures are resting, which count to the "100% treasure chests opend" achievement.

You can access and find it, as soon as the worlds sky has turned dark. Requirements are the dragon to put you down at the west entrance towards Invidia. Don´t enter the dungeon...but head for the mountains on the east side of the entrance, then try entering the solid looking "wall" at the most southern point and you´ll be inside the...

Ice Caverns 1 F North:

            |c_>  ___  >__c|
          ____|  |___|  |____
         |c __>_   c   >__   c|
         |   |      |_ 1 _|      |   |
         |   |                      |   |
         |2 |                      |   |
         |_ |                      |E |

e = Entrance
E = Exit
c = Candle
1 = Hi - Ether
2 = Turtle Shell
> = Ice Wall

You see, it´s impossible to mess up the Ice Wall puzzles here, because you have one candle left in the end. The exit leads you to the room right from that one, where you have met the sorcerer and Behugemoth before, so it´s directly connected to the dungeon entrance to Invidia. This part should be played AFTER the world has turned dark but BEFORE lifting the curse over Horne.
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