Review: FF:4 Heroes of Light

Titel: Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light
System: Nintendo DS
Genre: Turn-based RPG
Releasedates: JP: 29.10.09, US: 05.10.10, EU: 08.10.10
USK: 6
Multiplayer: Yes, but no Wi-Fi connection


The young Brand becomes an adult, but at the same time, the Princess of Horne, his hometown is kidnapped by a witch. A bored childhood friend, a insecure bodyguard of the princess and the selfish princess herself become the 4 heroes of Light for their world.

The 4 heroes meet and seperate to save the world from the spreading darkness...quite similar to the first Final Fantasys, and yet, it´s not. But this games doesn´t live much from the story anyways.


They are pretty unusual, more like a pop-up book for little children. But they are very lively, there is much movement in each tiny leaf or even the water on the lakes or oceans and the fields feel very "alive" and artistic. I found myself watching the sky and nature in this game often.

In Horne...


The most unusual part of this game. There is no way you can aim at certain enemies, as you would expect from your usual Final Fantasy. The characters hit the leftmost enemy on the other side, magic hits the rightmost one...if attacks hit the rear or front line is determined by the weapon a character carries. A spear is a rear-line weapon, same as the bows...swords and knifes are front-line weapons. So this game needs more strategy then anything else...especially the Action-Point-System. Each character has 5 Action Points, but those can be filled again by boosting. So it´s up to the player to use a weaker attack...or keep boosting for a stronger attack.

A lot of exploring, gathering treasures, meeting a lot of funny and more serious characters keeps this game save from becoming boring too soon, even leveling up is fun here. Even the gems the mosters drop now and then can be used for so many diffrent things that it´s a joy to keep playing this title. Those are the real things, which kept me playing it for months.


- a large world to explore
- fun for collectors of rare items
- many diffrent NPCs and playable characters who join the party
- nostalgic feel and music, if players are familiar with the 16-bit era on the SNES
- many challenging post-game quests


- the party keeps splitting up all the time
- the enemies grow rapidly stronger in the second half of the game
- the post-game quests take a lot of patience
- the main storyline is a bit too easy to beat, like most RPGs nowadays

My opinion:

I told some people before, that this is not a Final Fantasy and not to expect one. Then it is an awesome experience, which gives you a good idea of what I had liked about the SNES games years ago. Everyone who had missed that golden gaming era should think about trying out this game at least once, even if there are similarities to Final Fantasy I, when looking at the names of the 28 jobclasses(like the White and Black mages) or certain locations like Mount Gulg.

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