Review: Princess Maker 3: Fairytales come true

Review: Princess Maker 3: Fairytales come true

Titel: Princess Maker 3: Yumemiru Yosei
System: Sega Saturn
Genre: Raising-Simulation
Releasedates: JP: 18.06.98, US: NONE, EU: NONE
USK: not rated in Europe or the US
Most recent title of the series: Princess Maker 5


Multiplayer: No, PM3 is a single-player only.




The youngest daugther of the Fairy Queen has a dream: becoming a human Princess! Her soft-hearted mother gives her a very special present on her birthday: she turns her child into a 10 year-old and perfectly human kid! But the girl is not a prefect princess yet...that´s why the Fairy Queen entrusts her with your parenting skills.




They are still pretty awesome, your sweet daugther blinks at you and has more facial expressions then I´ve ever seen elsewhere on this kind of genre. Quite a big step-up from the first two installments of the series! Happy, sad, proud...your daughter sure let´s you know how she feels!






As you can see above, you manage your daughters day, may it be work on the farm, school lessons for art or even the style of fencing! So nothing entirely "new" to this series.


Sadly, this part got rid of my beloved adventure part, which kept Princess Maker 2 pretty entertaining for a long time, so how does PM3 make up for it?


When you walk trough the city during your daughters spare time, she will meet her battle rivals. Pretty diffrent compared to PM2, but nothing about the battling is actually lost, if you really enjoyed that!


Another reason to play this game over and over again are the 60 endings!. You got me right, 60 possible endings! Even after owning this one for a few years now, I´m nowhere close to have beaten this game in perfection.


Especially hunting the CGs is very fun, since they´re really pretty, just let me show you an example for how your daughters summer holiday in her later years looks like:






- very unique and lively sprites and alot of characters
- full voice for your daughter, pretty useful. It´s easier to understand spoken Japanese
- not over too soon, due to the many endings
- has a gallery for pretty much everyhting you achieved for the first time! On PM2 you have to replay or keep the save of a prechious save to see certain events, CGs or music again, but PM3 has learned from the flaw of it´s predecessor.
- amazing soundtrack and artworks




- some Endings may vary just from a few little statpoints and you´ll have a daughter becoming a normal guard of the king instead of becoming a Royal Knight!
- it´s Japanese only...
- importing costs and you need a Sega Saturn/PSOne that can play Japanese NTSC
- my favorite butler  of the series, the little demon Cube, is absent here and the new one isn´t actually my taste! T_T




Interested? Maybe you want to watch the intro movie for this classic on YT!




Greetings to my readers:

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